Tuesday, December 28, 2010

January Calendar!

Sorry I have kinda been MIA from the blog.  The blog world is still kinda new to me and I have a hard time keeping up with it when I am so used to facebook.  As some of you know, but most probably don't Facebook is making some changes and certain things I won't be able to post on facebook anymore so they will go on the blog instead. Some of these things include contests, freebies, and giveaways!  So make sure you are a follower so you won't miss any of the fun posted on the blog.

A few things going on in January
 1/1 - If I can reach 1111 fans by this day I have something fun planned!
 1/1 - I will be starting a new rewards program!
 1/7 - I will be adding travel felt boards to the website (still working on reviews for them)
 1/14 - will be having a comment game

I look forward to a fun filled January and an Awesome 2011!