Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Shirt Of The Month Club

Hello everyone!  I have been super busy this past month.  We have had family down visiting and its been fun, and I just haven't had any time to update the blog!

I am so excited to start a new special with everyone - The Shirt of the Month Club!!
This is a great way to get a new shirt every month and save money while doing so!!

Invoices for shirts will be sent on the first of every month, and shirts will be shipped on the 15th of the month.
Shirts will be send in the month prior to the holiday to make sure you have your shirt in plenty of time to use it for the cooresponding month! (ex. The shirt you pay for in november will be for your christmas shirt and it will ship on the 15th of november so you receive it in time for the christmas season.)

**Shirt Themes**
January - Winter
February - Valentines
March - St. Patricks Day
April - Easter
May - Spring
June - Summer
July - Independance Day
August - Water/Beach or Vacation (If going to disneyland, you could choose a mickey/minnie)
September - Fall
October - Halloween/Harvest
November - Thanksgiving
December - Christmas

Shirts will cost $15 each + shipping.  You also have the option of a birthday shirt on your childs birthday month for only $10 extra!!

**How it works**
Towards the end of the month, I will send everyone in the Shirt of the month club an email stating what the shirt of the month is. (Boy & Girl will be available)   You will let me know if you would the shirt that month and if so, I will send you an invoice on the first of the month for your shirt plus shipping cost.   Your shirt will ship no later than the 15th of that month.  The shirt will reflect the theme for the next month. If at any time you would like to cancel your membership, just let me know when I send your email for that month.

**What do I do**
If interested in joining the Shirt of the Month club, send an email to and I will get you set up!  Thanks everyone for your interest!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

I know that I have been going long times between posting on here, and I apologize for that.  Things get busy and I just don't have  the extra time to get on here and post very often.   I have decided to make a few little changes to the blog. Along with posting updates, sales, new items, etc. I will also post some tutorials for those of you who are crafty, and some other fun stuff as well!  I do have fun stuff planed for the Christmas season and can't wait to share it a little closer to time.

So onto an update :)
I have finished the first Christmas outfit of the season and am so excited to share it with everyone.  For those of you who didn't catch it on the facebook page, here it is for you!  This outfit can be made in size 6 months through Girls 9/10 and is $36.95 - $42.95 (varies by size and trim choice)
This fabric is always quick to sell out, so if you would like to order a set, make sure you order it soon as it will only be available for a short time!!  You will find the link to order it in the etsy box to the left.

Thanks for reading, I will have another post up soon!


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It's been a while...

Its been a while since I have put up a blog post, so I am decided that I would write a little update for you all :)

First off I want to thank all the new fans for joining my page!  The giveaway has ended (still trying to get in contact with the winner), but there will be many more in the future, so stick around and keep your eyes out!
((((A little off-topic, but for those of you who love giveaways, you can check out my other blog HERE to enter to win a $10 Giftcard!!))))

School is just around the corner, which means that Halloween is coming up soon and then Christmas not long after!  I am going to start working on some Halloween Pillowcase Dresses towards the end of the month, and have some really cute designs that I can't wait to make and get up for you all!
Since I have been asked a few times, and the cold weather is just around the corner, I will be also be adding ruffle pants to the winter line up this year, and I can't wait to get started on them!

I have been working on getting many new items in the etsy shop and it is slowly getting stocked, there are lots of cute items in there, so be sure to check it out!  I will be adding some Pillowcase Dresses in there this week, but as always you can also contact me with any order through facebook or email!

Facebook Fans - I am thinking of starting a comment game once a month to sell items at special prices - would this be something that you all would be interested in?  What days would work better for you (start of the month, mid-month, or end of the month) - I would love some feedback on this idea!  You can leave it in a comment below this post, or send me a message - I love to hear from you all!

You can now chat with me!!  I have set up a skype account under Poppin Dots Boutique, so anyone that needs to talk to me about an order, or just wants to chat with me about ideas, questions, etc. Or if you just need a quick answer, you can find me on there and I will be happy to talk to you!  I love to chat with my fans and get you know you and your opinions!  I love hearing your ideas and they can only help to make the business better!!

I guess that is enough of an update for now - Don't want to put anyone to sleep :)
Make sure that you check to see if you won the contest, because I haven't heard back from the winner of the Hair Accessory Giveaway yet - and it could be YOU!

Remember to use Etsy code FREESHIP to get free shipping on all orders of $10 or more this week!!

Poppin' Dots Boutique

Saturday, May 28, 2011

And the winner is....

And the winner of the Painted Piggies Contest is......

Alyssa!!  Congratulations, please send me an email to claim your prize!!

Thank You to all who sent in photos!
I am offering you a coupon for a $10 Pair of rag flip flops (reg. $12-$15)!!
Just email me if interested, this coupon will expire in 1 month!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Painted Piggies Photo's!!

Photo A

Photo B

Photo C

Photo D

Photo E

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Painted Piggies Photo Contest!

Enter to win a pair of the new Fabric Rag Flip Flops for your little one!

Shoes come in sizes Toddler 4-11 and girls 1/2 - 12/13
Brand will vary
*Am looking to add infant sizes, so please check back for those*

How to Enter:
  Send me a photo of your child with their toenails painted in any way that you want.  I prefer a picture of just their feet for the safety of the child's photo and so that the feet are the main focus. Any picture that does not follow this guideline will be cropped down by me. Please send the photo along with child's name and age to:

I will post all the photos in another post on the blog for everyone to look at.  The winner will be chosen by a select handful of friends who will choose their top 3 favorites. I will then tally up the votes and the top winner will be chosen.  There will only be 1 winner!

*Photos will be accepted through Thursday night (5/26), and the winner will be announced on this blog on Saturday Night (5/28) (I will also notify you by email)  You will have 48 Hours to claim your prize or a new winner will be chosen.

So send those photos in now and good luck to everyone!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

An update on new items coming soon!

I would like some feedback on some new items I am thinking about making.

I would have items for girls, boys, and mom!

 - Pillowcase Dresses
 -Appliqued Onesies
((Onesies & skirts would coordinate)
 - Flip Flops (made to match any items)

 -Tie onesies (to match dresses)
 -Appliqued Onesies
((Onesies and Shorts would match))

 - Appliqued Totes
 - Party hats
 - Burp Cloths

For Mom:
 -Key Fobs
 -Clip Boards
 -Cooffee Sleeves
(am working on coffee sleeves, just having a hard time finding a pattern for them)

So what do you think - What is your favorite Item, What is your least favorite?  I would love some feedback.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A little update...

I'm sorry for the long time between updates. I am so busy on my facebook page and getting orders out that I tend to forget to update on here.

Just a little update for you - There will be a comment game (or auction) tonight at 7:00 CST on Poppin' Dots Boutique facebook page. I will have some premade tutus and some other items as well.

I have been making tutus for about a month, and they just aren't doing as well as I hoped they would - There is so much competition out there and the tutus just aren't working for me.  With that being said - I have 5 premade tutus that I will have in the sale tonight at a closeout price and these will be the last ones made by me.

There are some new things coming though. I got alot of response about dresses and skirts, so I will be adding those to the spring lineup. Also, there are some new (slightly different) versions of appliqued onesies & bibs coming soon that I can't wait for you to see.  I hope these new designs will mean a little less time sitting at the sewing machine.

I hope that you understand why I am changing items out and I hope you can make it tonight!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Parents Magazine 1 year subscription for only $1!!

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while, things get busy and the blog slips my mind.

Remember a few weeks back when I posted about how to get a box of diapers for less than $1?
If you missed it, you can read about it HERE.

Well, I said that one way to get the diapers so cheap was to use the 20% off code that comes in some issues of the Parents magazine!  Well right now Barnes & Noble has a 1 yr. subscription to the Parents Magazine for only $1.00.  Just go HERE and add it to your cart and then use coupon code K4M8W9D at checkout - shipping is Free also!

There is no guarentee that the magazine will have these codes, but they do put them in there alot, so for only $1 its a great time to sign up and hopefully get some codes for some cheap diapers!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

No More Rack!

I just love this company and right now when you sign up you will receive a $10 Credit just for joining (make sure you join through my link to get the Credit).  I have received a $5 credit for a Christmas gift from them, and a $5 credit for Valentines Day.  I haven't used them yet, waiting to buy something that I really want.  Every day that have great deals on their site that are only good for one day - best of all shipping is only $2 per item!  So sign up for them and get shopping! I'm sure you will find lots of good stuff!  You can sign up HERE! Also, like them on facebook HERE and get sneak peaks of the sale items!

Also, through Friday March 11th, Midnight EST They are having a Bag Bonanza!  So after you register, make sure to invite your friends as well because you could win a purse or wallet by Louis Vuitton, Nicole lee, Calvin Klein, Gucci, and more!!  So hurry becasuse you only have until Friday to sign up and invite your friends!! (you have to sign up and like their page on facebook and then have your friends do the same)

(After signing up with No More Rack, you can go to bag to read all about it and see the bag options!)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Whats been going on!

Ok, I feel the need to address some of these situations that have happened the past few days, that some people don't know about.  I know that I have so many behind my back, but I just want you all to know both sides of the story.  I received word that 1 person received an email for one of the people that were mad, and I am not sure how many she emailed or what she said to them so I feel like you all deserve to know this.

Ok, for starters, all this Drama was caused my 1 person, and I am happy to say that her and all those that have been backing her up and bashing me are gone from my page!

There was alot being said that there was a minor commenting on my photo.

-the issue with the votes showing up under poppin' dots boutique have been a big issue with alot. I have my mom as an admin on my page only so she can help me close contest or answer questions. She has her own business and has nothing to do with mine, other then that extra set of hands when I need it.  She voted on some photos and it showed up under the business name, and as soon as it was brought to my attention, it was fixed immediately.

-I have my page set to only ages 18+, so if anyone gets in that is under that age, it is because they lied about their birthdate when they signed up - there is no way that I can check everyone's real age when they join my page. It is not possible

- Closing the voting early was a complete accident. I did not mean to do it, I was only confused about the date. I had already posted the winners when i realized this, so I went ahead and gave prizes to those winners, and opened the contest back up for the remaining week and if there are new winners, they will receive prizes as well. As soon as I noticed the problem, I fixed it.

 If I experience anymore drama or negativity on my page, the person/people will be removed. I love my business, it is my life and I hate seeing what has gone on the past few days.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Model Search Update!!

I'm sorry for my disappearance after the model search. There were some problems and it had alot of people angry over it and I just had to get away from it  for awhile.

It was brought to my attention last night that the model search had ended a week early. I never intended for this to happen and it was a complete accident. After sleeping on it I have decided to open the model search back up. I will not be accepting any new entries, but will be accepting new votes through this Saturday.

The 3 winners from last night (2 girls that tied & 1 boy)  will still receive their prizes since it was my mistake, and IF there is a new winner for each category on Saturday then they will receive a prize also. This means that there is no need to vote on the 3 winners as they are already receiving their gifts. but if there is a new winner they will need to have (more than 68 for the girl & more than 101 for the boy) and also have the most votes.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Miss/Mr Charity Rules!

If you are interested in entering to win miss/mr. charity, send me an email and let me know!

You can enter to win miss/mr charity and also be entered into the model search, but you don't have to.

This contest is to raise money for Emily Hubbell and family!  Little emily is 3 years old and is battling stage 4 cancer. I am hopeing that by raising this money, it will help them with all their medical bills and whatever they need. (they are having to drive back and forth to the hospital / change all the food they eat / and pay all those mediacal bills) You can read emailys story at

For every dollar that is raised under your models name, she/he will recieve one vote to win the title "miss/mr charity."

Here is how it will work:
 You will have until saturday night to raise money for Emily. Get your friends and family to help out and lets raise some money! - Money will be due Saturday night at Midnight and I will announce the winner on Sunday. If your money is sent in late, you will not be able to compete in the competition. On sunday, I will count up all the money and announcce the winner of 'Miss/Mr Charity'.

The prize for the winner in this catagory is yet to be determined, but will be a goody basket full of fun items!!

So, if you are interested in entering to win, send me an email at with the following info:
 - If you are entering the Model Search / Miss/Mr Charity / or both
 - Age of Child
 - Name of Child

I hope there are many entries and we can raise alot of money for this family!!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Boxes of diapers for $0.36!! - Heres how you can score it!

Thanks to Raining Hot Coupons for posting this deal!

Here is how to score large boxes of Diapers for as low as $.36

1) First off, there is a 20% off Amazon coupon code in the January, February, and even March issue of Parenting Magazine (this one is bright green and the different mags it has been reported in are the Parenting Early Years, Parents, Baby Talk, American Baby and you can get a FREE Subscription here. Note: some of these have $10 coupons for Baby items instead which would make this deal even SWEETER!
2) Combine this with FREE Amazon Mom (you’ll get Amazon Prime which = FREE 2-day SHIPPING plus an EXTRA 30% off when you choose Subscribe and Save on the right side of the screen (SS can be canceled right after placing your order).
3) Choose your diapers (sold by Amazon) here – remember, choose Subscribe and Save.
4) Now, don’t give up….this part may be a little confusing but it’s SOOO worth it! So, some of these codes are stacking….you can stack the codes that start with YJ and YT…..AND, the $10 code will stack with both of these!!

This box of Pampers diapers from Amazon has 176 Size 4 diapers and is normally $48.99 and on sale for $40.88. So if we did the deal on this box, here is what it would look like:
Buy 1 Pampers Diapers 176 ct. $40.88
-30%Amazon Mom + Subscribe & Save = 28.62
-20% from Parent Magazine (takes off $8.17)
-20% another Amazon coupon with different first 2 letters (takes off another $8.17)
-$10 Amazon coupon (takes off $10)
Final Cost = $2.28 for $49 worth of diapers! I told you it was worth it!
Check out other brands for even more savings - My sister scored 180 Luvs diapers for only $.38!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Have you heard?

Have you heard of Swagbucks yet?  Well, if not you are missing out!

Swagbucks is a search engine that rewards you for searching , answering polls, watching videos, redeeming codes,and even printing coupons! You will earn Swag Bucks for doing all of these things, and can then use those Bucks to redeem gift cards, electronics, and so much more!! A $5 amazon gift card it only 450 Swag Bucks!

And there has never been a better time to sign up - Right now they are gearing for their 3rd Birthday, and that meands 50 extra swagbucks for you! When you sign up before monday (2/28) you will recieve 50 bonus bucks as well as the 30 sign up bucks, well on your way to start earning!!

Also, on Monday they will be having a huge celebration, so make sure you sign up now so you don't miss out!

So what are you waiting for, check it out now! I know you will love it!!

Sign Up Here!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Poppin' Dots Boutique Model Search has begun!!

Poppin' Dots Boutique Model Search has started! 
Will your little one be the next Model?

Please send in the following info to
3 Clear pictures of your girl/boy
**Children must be between the ages of 1-5 Years**
*You can enter more than 1 child into the contest, But please send separate emails w/ info for each one*

I will choose 1 photo per submission to enter into the contest. All photos will be posted into 2 albums (boy & girl) where you may then vote for your favorite.  Each 'like' a picture receives will count as one vote. You must like Poppin' Dots Boutique on facebook before you can like your favorite photo.
The Photo with the most likes in each category wins!

Winners will receive a set of items to model and be featured on Facebook, the blog, Etsy, & My Website!

Winners will receive:
Girl - Party Hat, Appliqued Onesie/Shirt, & Tutu (Theme to be announced)
Boy - Party Hat & Appliqued Onesie/Shirt (Theme to be announced)

So get out those camera's and send in those pictures!!

So now that I have a new name, I thought I would blog about my coupon trip today.

I am getting my mom interested in couponing as well, so we headed to target this morning with coupons in hand and here is what we got!
All these coupons (exept the cat food) were online printables, so you can do this trip too!

Fist stop - Womens Clothes Clearance
3 pairs of Mossimo Brand Jeans - Clearance Price $4.98
   * $5 off denim Coupon ~ Price - FREE

1 pair Mossimo brand jeans - Clearance Price - $6.48
   * $5 off denim Coupon ~ Price $1.48

2 Up & Up brand Mouth Wash - $1.19
   * $1 off coupon ~ Price $.19 each

2 Up & Up brand dental Floss - $.98
   * $1 off coupon ~ Price - FREE

1 Purina cat foot - $7.99
   *Free coupon ~ Price - FREE

4 10-pack Finish Quantum Dishwasher Detergent - $2.50
   *$1.50 off Target Coupon &
   *$1.00 off manufatures Coupon - FREE
(yes, you can stack a manufactures coupon and a target coupon on the same item as long as neither coupon prohibits it) :)

1 30 pack halls cough drops - $1.19
    *$.50 target coupon &
    *$.50 manufactures coupon - FREE

1 40-pack halls cough drops - $1.19
    *$.50 manufactues coupon - $.79

Total Before Coupons - $121.77
Total After Coupons - $4.36
Total Amount Saved - $117.41! (96%)

New Name!

So you may be wondering how you got here, and what exactly 'Krazy little Thing Called Life' is?

Previously known as Poppin', I am now

Why the change?  Well as some of you know I am now selling ThirtyOne Gifts and I have recently gotten back into Extreme Couponing! So I thought instead of having 3 blogs, I would just change the name and blog about anything and everything here!  You will see updates for Poppin' Dots Boutique, Updates for Thirty-One Gifts by Brittany Estepp as well as shopping trips and great coupons!  So I hope you will become a follower if you are not already one as there will be alot to talk about here!

Krazy Little Thing Called Life!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

An Update

Hey everyone!  Lots going on right now so I haven't been around as much as normal, The next week or so is going to be busy so I may be MIA a little, but I will be around, so just send me a message if you need me!

Here is whats going on

The tulle for my tutus was supposed to be here on monday and keeps getting delayed. I am hoping it gets here tomorrow but not getting my hopes up to much.  Once it gets here I will be putting together one as a item for the modeling contest!! :)

There will be a modeling contest and there will be at lease one boy and one girl winner. This will happen close to end of the month. There may be more than just the 2 winners, I am unsure as of now, but will have the full list of rules closer to the end of the month!

In the next couple weeks I will be working on new items - Party favors & more!  I will be working on Play Dough (made by me) as well as other favors!  Also going to work on some paper hats and treat bags!

As some of you know, I have started selling Thirty-One Gifts and I get to go pick up my starter kit tomorrow, so aside from working on some custom orders, this will be my focus for the next week. I want to build up my fans on my facebook page, have some giveaways and learn all that I can about my new business. I am excited about getting started in it and hope that it does well!  I am hoping to be able to keep Poppin' Dots Boutique going as well, but I will just have to see as times goes on.  If you would like to visit my page, I would love to have you stop by - I will be having a couple giveaways when I reach 200 fans, so I hope to see you there!


Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Exciting Changes are Coming!!!

So, I have alot to talk about in todays blogpost. After giving this alot of thought I have decided to change up some of the inventory in my etsy shop! 

I believe that I should love what I do in my business, otherwise there is no point in having it. I have made so many pillowcase dresses over the past year, and I am just not really enjoying making them anymore. Having to sit at the sewing machine to do them and all, so what is in the shop, is all that is left - After they are gone, I will not making anymore!  The same goes for the tinkle tents! 

So, I am sure you want to know - what will you be focusing on?
Well, I have decided to take my business to the Party Side!!  I will be focusing on everything party!!  I will be making decorated birthday hats, paper party hats for the guest, birthday outfits including Tutu's!  And lots of party favors including crayon rolls, car rolls, felt rolls and more!!  I hope to eventually add party banners and more of that type of item will be coming as well!  This gives me a little more free time, so I am not stuck in front of the sewing machine all the time.  I hope you love this change that is coming, and I can't wait to get started on it!!

**I will be posting a sale on dresses and tinkle tents starting on Saturday, so make sure if you want one before they are gone, to buy now!!


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Changes

I have put a lot of thought into this, and have decided to cancel the Poppin' Points Program.

With over 1,000 fans and growing everyday, it is very hard to keep up. If I had a program that could do it itself it wouldn't be an issue, but I don't. I have to go in and manually enter all the points after they are received, and after having a comment game or a prize comment, it can really be a lot to have to do.  I want to focus more on my business and making items, especially now that I am getting a lot of custom orders. I don't want to be stuck at the computer trying to enter 1,000's of points, when I could be focusing on business items.

**So, i'm sure you want to know "I have already signed up for poppin' points, what do I do?"**
     -If there is an issue with you having points on file, please email me and I can give you a $x off coupon (whatever your points value adds up to)..I will only be accepting those emails through the end of the week, after that, I will close the Poppin' Points spreadsheet.
**So, there are no Poppin' Points, Whats Next?**
I will always have at least one Etsy Shop code available for you to use. (they will not work on comment games or on Custom Orders (unless otherwise stated))
Current codes available are
FACEBOOK5 - receive 5% off your entire etsy purchase
REVIEW10 - receive 10% off your entire purchase (this will become active after leaving me a review under the review tab on facebook)

Thank you for Reading, and if you have a concern involving this change, please send me an email and let me know (  I hope that everyone can understand!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Party Hats!

I am so happy to show you the newest item that Poppin' Dots Boutique now makes!  Party Hats!!  They are made of fabric and are soft on your little ones head. They range from $10-$13 and are a great addition to your little ones birthday outfit!  Your little ones hat deserves to be just as cute as they are!  You can order these in any fabric with your choice of number or letter on it. Ribbons will be added for easy on and off. You can dress it up, or dress it down, the posibilities are endless!!  I love custom orders and want to make your hat suit your needs.   Here are a few that I have been working on!

Love this Multi Color Zebra fabric w/ ric rac and marabou on top!

Check out this cute robot fabric for boys, also with ric-rac, but a cute red pom-pom on top!

This was a custom order for my nephew, and I love the way it turned out - So Cute!!

Want something that shouts 'Girly!' Check out this adorable princess crown fabric with marabou on the top and around the bottom!  This just shouts Princess!!

I can also do letters, Here is a cute one also done in the Multi Zebra fabric with marabou on the bottom and top! Buy one with a letter of your choice and it makes a great Princess Hat for Dress-Up! Just to cute!!

These are currently available at, or by emailing me at  Hope to hear from you soon!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Huge Auction Going On!

In case you haven't already heard, there is an auction going happening right now on my facebook page,   All proceeds from this auction will be send to Shannon and her family. (some of you know her as Coupon Mommy of 2 (3))

Shannons little 3 year old girl Emily was recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, and is currently going through chemo. The family is having a rought time right now, and this money will go straight to them to be used in whatever way they need it to.

The auction started tonight and is going through Saturday Night. I am still accepting donations for the auction, so if you are interested in donating, please send me an email at

If you are not able to donate, please take a look at the auction. There are no starting bids on any items and none-to-small shipping fees. Any amount of money will help this family, but my goal is to reach at least $500 - the more the better! So please take a look around, there is something for everyone!!

Thanks dso much for helping me out with this auction in whatever way to can!
Plesase keep emily and this Family in your Prayers!