Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A little update...

I'm sorry for the long time between updates. I am so busy on my facebook page and getting orders out that I tend to forget to update on here.

Just a little update for you - There will be a comment game (or auction) tonight at 7:00 CST on Poppin' Dots Boutique facebook page. I will have some premade tutus and some other items as well.

I have been making tutus for about a month, and they just aren't doing as well as I hoped they would - There is so much competition out there and the tutus just aren't working for me.  With that being said - I have 5 premade tutus that I will have in the sale tonight at a closeout price and these will be the last ones made by me.

There are some new things coming though. I got alot of response about dresses and skirts, so I will be adding those to the spring lineup. Also, there are some new (slightly different) versions of appliqued onesies & bibs coming soon that I can't wait for you to see.  I hope these new designs will mean a little less time sitting at the sewing machine.

I hope that you understand why I am changing items out and I hope you can make it tonight!