Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Parents Magazine 1 year subscription for only $1!!

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while, things get busy and the blog slips my mind.

Remember a few weeks back when I posted about how to get a box of diapers for less than $1?
If you missed it, you can read about it HERE.

Well, I said that one way to get the diapers so cheap was to use the 20% off code that comes in some issues of the Parents magazine!  Well right now Barnes & Noble has a 1 yr. subscription to the Parents Magazine for only $1.00.  Just go HERE and add it to your cart and then use coupon code K4M8W9D at checkout - shipping is Free also!

There is no guarentee that the magazine will have these codes, but they do put them in there alot, so for only $1 its a great time to sign up and hopefully get some codes for some cheap diapers!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

No More Rack!

I just love this company and right now when you sign up you will receive a $10 Credit just for joining (make sure you join through my link to get the Credit).  I have received a $5 credit for a Christmas gift from them, and a $5 credit for Valentines Day.  I haven't used them yet, waiting to buy something that I really want.  Every day that have great deals on their site that are only good for one day - best of all shipping is only $2 per item!  So sign up for them and get shopping! I'm sure you will find lots of good stuff!  You can sign up HERE! Also, like them on facebook HERE and get sneak peaks of the sale items!

Also, through Friday March 11th, Midnight EST They are having a Bag Bonanza!  So after you register, make sure to invite your friends as well because you could win a purse or wallet by Louis Vuitton, Nicole lee, Calvin Klein, Gucci, and more!!  So hurry becasuse you only have until Friday to sign up and invite your friends!! (you have to sign up and like their page on facebook and then have your friends do the same)

(After signing up with No More Rack, you can go to bag to read all about it and see the bag options!)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Whats been going on!

Ok, I feel the need to address some of these situations that have happened the past few days, that some people don't know about.  I know that I have so many behind my back, but I just want you all to know both sides of the story.  I received word that 1 person received an email for one of the people that were mad, and I am not sure how many she emailed or what she said to them so I feel like you all deserve to know this.

Ok, for starters, all this Drama was caused my 1 person, and I am happy to say that her and all those that have been backing her up and bashing me are gone from my page!

There was alot being said that there was a minor commenting on my photo.

-the issue with the votes showing up under poppin' dots boutique have been a big issue with alot. I have my mom as an admin on my page only so she can help me close contest or answer questions. She has her own business and has nothing to do with mine, other then that extra set of hands when I need it.  She voted on some photos and it showed up under the business name, and as soon as it was brought to my attention, it was fixed immediately.

-I have my page set to only ages 18+, so if anyone gets in that is under that age, it is because they lied about their birthdate when they signed up - there is no way that I can check everyone's real age when they join my page. It is not possible

- Closing the voting early was a complete accident. I did not mean to do it, I was only confused about the date. I had already posted the winners when i realized this, so I went ahead and gave prizes to those winners, and opened the contest back up for the remaining week and if there are new winners, they will receive prizes as well. As soon as I noticed the problem, I fixed it.

 If I experience anymore drama or negativity on my page, the person/people will be removed. I love my business, it is my life and I hate seeing what has gone on the past few days.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Model Search Update!!

I'm sorry for my disappearance after the model search. There were some problems and it had alot of people angry over it and I just had to get away from it  for awhile.

It was brought to my attention last night that the model search had ended a week early. I never intended for this to happen and it was a complete accident. After sleeping on it I have decided to open the model search back up. I will not be accepting any new entries, but will be accepting new votes through this Saturday.

The 3 winners from last night (2 girls that tied & 1 boy)  will still receive their prizes since it was my mistake, and IF there is a new winner for each category on Saturday then they will receive a prize also. This means that there is no need to vote on the 3 winners as they are already receiving their gifts. but if there is a new winner they will need to have (more than 68 for the girl & more than 101 for the boy) and also have the most votes.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Miss/Mr Charity Rules!

If you are interested in entering to win miss/mr. charity, send me an email and let me know!

You can enter to win miss/mr charity and also be entered into the model search, but you don't have to.

This contest is to raise money for Emily Hubbell and family!  Little emily is 3 years old and is battling stage 4 cancer. I am hopeing that by raising this money, it will help them with all their medical bills and whatever they need. (they are having to drive back and forth to the hospital / change all the food they eat / and pay all those mediacal bills) You can read emailys story at

For every dollar that is raised under your models name, she/he will recieve one vote to win the title "miss/mr charity."

Here is how it will work:
 You will have until saturday night to raise money for Emily. Get your friends and family to help out and lets raise some money! - Money will be due Saturday night at Midnight and I will announce the winner on Sunday. If your money is sent in late, you will not be able to compete in the competition. On sunday, I will count up all the money and announcce the winner of 'Miss/Mr Charity'.

The prize for the winner in this catagory is yet to be determined, but will be a goody basket full of fun items!!

So, if you are interested in entering to win, send me an email at with the following info:
 - If you are entering the Model Search / Miss/Mr Charity / or both
 - Age of Child
 - Name of Child

I hope there are many entries and we can raise alot of money for this family!!