Monday, March 7, 2011

Whats been going on!

Ok, I feel the need to address some of these situations that have happened the past few days, that some people don't know about.  I know that I have so many behind my back, but I just want you all to know both sides of the story.  I received word that 1 person received an email for one of the people that were mad, and I am not sure how many she emailed or what she said to them so I feel like you all deserve to know this.

Ok, for starters, all this Drama was caused my 1 person, and I am happy to say that her and all those that have been backing her up and bashing me are gone from my page!

There was alot being said that there was a minor commenting on my photo.

-the issue with the votes showing up under poppin' dots boutique have been a big issue with alot. I have my mom as an admin on my page only so she can help me close contest or answer questions. She has her own business and has nothing to do with mine, other then that extra set of hands when I need it.  She voted on some photos and it showed up under the business name, and as soon as it was brought to my attention, it was fixed immediately.

-I have my page set to only ages 18+, so if anyone gets in that is under that age, it is because they lied about their birthdate when they signed up - there is no way that I can check everyone's real age when they join my page. It is not possible

- Closing the voting early was a complete accident. I did not mean to do it, I was only confused about the date. I had already posted the winners when i realized this, so I went ahead and gave prizes to those winners, and opened the contest back up for the remaining week and if there are new winners, they will receive prizes as well. As soon as I noticed the problem, I fixed it.

 If I experience anymore drama or negativity on my page, the person/people will be removed. I love my business, it is my life and I hate seeing what has gone on the past few days.


  1. Sounds like you have done all the right steps!! your Loyal fans still remain and will always be that way!!!!

  2. You are human...mistakes happen. I missed all the drama, but honestly people need to grow up. I am VERY pleased with what I ordered from you and will continue to support you. I respect the professional way you handled everything!!!

  3. I don't know why people have to act that way. I think you handled it very well! I don't blame you for getting rid of them. I swear some people act like they are entitled to everything and take things so seriously. I hope I didn't jinx you in all this lol!! Keep up the good work and just know that there are those of us that are true fans of you! :)
    -Brandi Hamilton

  4. I commented on your page in defense of that 1 person because of your apparent lack of disregard for others who had a right to voice their opinions and concerns.

    I am please to see that you explained yourself reasonably well as well as attempted to remedy the situation, I wish you would have been more forthcoming in the first place, but alas we are all human and I hope you can take this as an encouraging comment with humbleness to support your brave move.


  5. I know that everyone has the right to voice your opinions, but when things start getting so out of control, I feel like I need to get rid of that drama.

    I have corrected all problems 'from the first place' as well as I could.


  6. some people thrive on drama and it's quite sad that it's the only interesting thing going on in their life!! You are doing everything the right way and I love your page!
    Jordon- from Berry Sweet Baby Boutique