Saturday, May 21, 2011

An update on new items coming soon!

I would like some feedback on some new items I am thinking about making.

I would have items for girls, boys, and mom!

 - Pillowcase Dresses
 -Appliqued Onesies
((Onesies & skirts would coordinate)
 - Flip Flops (made to match any items)

 -Tie onesies (to match dresses)
 -Appliqued Onesies
((Onesies and Shorts would match))

 - Appliqued Totes
 - Party hats
 - Burp Cloths

For Mom:
 -Key Fobs
 -Clip Boards
 -Cooffee Sleeves
(am working on coffee sleeves, just having a hard time finding a pattern for them)

So what do you think - What is your favorite Item, What is your least favorite?  I would love some feedback.


  1. I would love to see key fobs, dresses, and flip flops. :) We love our pillowcase dress, we just got.

  2. They all sounds great! Have you thought about cooking aprons? Also, matching hats would be VERY cute!

  3. I have thought about the aprons. I will look into seeing if I can find a tutorial for one.

    What kind of hats are you thinking? Chef hats, or regular hats? I have found a really cute hat tutorial that I thought about.

  4. Pants to match pilliowcase dresses.

  5. Aprons=Yay I hope you can find one!

    I was thinking regular hats to match the dresses but chef hats would be really cool too!

    Also, I like the idea of pants to match the dresses! Great idea, Paget. I have been eager to put Maya into one of her dresses but it's been a little too chilly for her legs.

  6. I have played around with the idea of ruffled capris and pants, but there didn't seem to be any interest in them at the time. But I have considered them for the colder months, so if there is interest, I would be happy to do them!

    The ribbon coffee cozy is super cute!
    Jordon from Berry Sweet Baby Boutique :)

  8. Thanks for looking that up for me, unfortunately I had already been through etsy and all of them say for personal use only. I can't find one anywhere where I can sell them. I did find 1 pattern but I need a paper sleeve, so I am going to try to get my hands on one of those.